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A wide range of Displays, Articles, Resources and Publications were collected and created as part of the 100 years commemoration of the First World War. They can be accessed in these pages.



One of our objectives was to undertake original research into how World War One impacted upon Marlow and its people. We shared the results of our research at Marlow Museum through a rolling series of displays that recorded events from 100 years ago and that changed every three months. Each series focused on three themes:


There were also displays at a number of other venues including Marlow Library, Marlow Rowing Club, Medmenham Church

August 1918
Example display - August 1918


The British Association for Local History - - selected the Marlow Remembers WW1 Association as the winner of the 2019 Research and Publication Award for the article and display: From Beer to Bombs, which can be viewed in this section.


The table below lists the displays - these can be downloaded ( large files ):

Period covered

Museum Display

August - October 1914

The People - David Dickson

The Home Front - The Outbreak of War, August 1914

The War - The Western Front, August - October 1914

Marlow Remembers World War One

November 1914 - January 1915

The War - Christmas Truce, December 1914

The Home Front - Events in Marlow, Winter 1914

The People - Four Marlow men killed on 1 November 1914

February - April 1915

The People - The Mystery of Major Nigel Baynes

The Home Front - Bucks Volunteer Training Corps

The War - Neuve Chapelle, March 1915

May - July 1915

The Home Front - Charles Frohman

The People - William Henry Nottingham

The War - The Sinking of the Lusitania, March 1915

August - October 1915

The War - Gallipoli

The Home Front - Marlow's Training Trenches

The People - William North

November 1915 - January 1916

February - April 1916

Frederick Kelly 1881 - 1916

Frederick Kelly - The Composer (3mb)

Frederick Kelly - The Rower (3mb)

Frederick Kelly - The Soldier (6mb)

The role of Marlow Brewery

Spring 1917

July - November 1917

August 1918


Marlow WW1 Town Walk


Download leaflet - MRWW1_Town_Walk_August_2018 (pdf 0.6Mb)


Conscription in Marlow


We researched how the town responded in 1916 to the introduction of conscription and especially the work of the Marlow Military Tribunal that heard appeals against conscription. We published the results of our research in the 2016 volume of Records of Buckinghamshire.

An offprint of the article is attached here (pdf 1.2mb) and is reproduced courtesy of the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society.


Memories of Marlow during WW1


In the late 1980s, members of the Marlow Society recorded interviews with people from the town who had lived through and remembered World War One. The transcript of those interviews is attached here - it provides a fascinating insight into how the War changed the town and its people.

Download a PDF transcription of Memories of Marlow (pdf 2.5mb)


Marlow's WW1 Training Trenches


One of Marlow's many contributions to WW1 was the training trenches in Pullingshill Wood.

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Marlow's Brewery during WW1


From Beer to Bombs - The impact of the First World War on the Wethered Brewery, which was the largest employer in Marlow in 1914. Armaments production at the brewery and the role of women.

Download - From Beer to Bombs - Wethered's Brewery Marlow during the First World War. (pdf 2.1mb)


KS2 Lesson Resource Pack


This resource pack has been created to provide teachers with information and lesson ideas specifically looking at Marlow during World War 1. All the resources to teach the lessons are either included in the pack or material can be downloaded from web links.

The pack is aimed at Key Stage 2. However, some of the activities could easily be adapted for younger children. There are 4 lessons in the pack that can be taught together in sequence or as stand-alone lessons.

Download - Marlow Remembers WW1 KS2 Lesson Resource Pack (pdf 3.8mb)


Military Data


This spreadsheet documents the names and details (where known) of over 840 people from the Marlow area who served in the First World War.

View - Marlow WW1 Database (on Google Drive)


Remembrance Crosses


Over 230 men and boys from Marlow and the surrounding area served and died in the War. As a fitting tribute to their sacrifice, we planted a Remembrance Cross for each of them by the memorial in The Causeway on the 100th anniversary.

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Graveside Commemorations


Ceremonies were commenced in 2015 and held where a person who died in the War is buried in Marlow.

Download - Graveside Commemorations 2015-2019 (.pdf)


This document is a list of men buried locally who died on the battlefield or as a direct result of their war service

Download - Marlow WW1 buried locally (.pdf)


Events and Activities


Over the 2014-2018 period of commemoration we arranged a range of events and activities.

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